2020 Virtual Gala Raffle Items & Fund-A-Need Drive 

Raffle Items 

5 Days – 5 Raffles 

In order to purchase a chance to win one of our amazing packages  – click on the image below.
You can purchase 1 ticket or 100 tickets to secure your opportunity to win!  

Gift Card BBQ Bundle

$50 Gift Card to Stroot Lockers
$75 Gift Card to All Things BBQ

Each virtual ticket purchased qualifies you for one chance to win!

Gift Card Bundle To Local Eats

Enjoy $25 dollar gift Cards to the following local places.
Scotch and Sirloin, Home Grown
Cocoa Dolce, and the Wine Dive

MTYP Gift Bundle

Gift Certificate for Enrollment in Winter Classes and a MTYP Swag Bag.

Winter Camp Classes will take place December 28-31.

Personalized Show Shirt Quilt

Winner will get to choose from a selection of MTYP show shirts from the past 20 years. They can also choose to use show shirts of their own!

Gorgeous Jewelry from Mike Seltzer

Enter to win a 14K Gold Pearl Necklace. This would make a wonderful anniversary or Christmas present.

Fund A Need 

5 Days – 5 Goals

Help Us Fund Various Portions of the MTYP Program. We would love to list you as a sponsor for any (or all) of the following items.

Click on an image below to learn more and help us reach our goal! 

Donation Levels are Variable – Give what you are comfortable – $1, $5, or $500 – Every Dollar Counts!

Fund-a-Need Scholarships

This goal will help us provide (1) scholarship per show (Virtual or In person) for the 2020-2021 Season!

Fund-a-Need Technology

Achieving this goal will allow us to get updated computer equipment for the office.

Fund-a-Need Innovation

This goal will help us cover our Zoom and Canva subscriptions for a calendar year!

Fund-A-Need Show Shirts

This goal will cover the costs for cast shirts for one of our season shows!

Fund-A-Need Updated Phone Lines

Reaching this goal would allow us the opportunity to switch our land line to a mobile phone line. This will give us the ability to text and email on the go. This goal would cover the cost of a new phone and the phone bill for one year.