Music Theatre for Young People is made possible by the generous support of the Wichita community.

Special thanks to the following individuals, organizations & corporate sponsors! Members of MTYP help fund our ongoing programs as well as specific productions. Please consider becoming a member of MTYP.

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Beach Family Foundation
Intrust Bank
Lattner Family Foundation
City of Wichita
Law Firm of Jennifer L. Stultz
Smiles by Design
Trust Company of Kansas
Michael W. Graham Charitable Fund
Beth Anderson Fund
KMUW Wichita, KS


Ted and Patty Austin
Larry and Robbi Heck
Brian and Joy Heinrichs
Martin and Kim Ufford
Monte and Kim Vines
Matthew Vines


Dr. Lance and Shelly Anderson
Joshua and Tessia Cary
Jerry and Jan Fritchman
Karen and Dennis Hahn
Sherry and Clare Heathman
Kathy Wilson


David and Flossie Alexander
Curtis Cundith
Stephanie Cundith
Kay Daniels
Kim Farha
Angela Diedrich – Steve McGaffin
Jerry and Tracey Hershey
Bruce and Robyn Mamary
Mark and Alice Mannette
Belden Mills
Shane and Kristina Munro
Mike and Lydia Pierce
Kristina Retzlaff


Julie Austin
Todd Betzen
Kathy Blackburn
Jeff and Dana Bourland
Wayne Bryan
Cynthia and Bud Bryant
Mindi Chance
Michael and Ginger Ellis
Stephen English Sr.
Martin and Jennifer Faust
Suzanne Finn
Kamielle Freeman
George and Eulaie Gee
Bill Gress
Ellen and Stephen house
Trisha Jacobs
Carolyn and John Kretzer
David and Catherine LaChapelle
Jeff and Martha Linsner
Tammie Middendorf
Sara Osburn
Billie Jo Palmer
Sharon Powers
Ellen Rife
Gretchen Sharp
Time and Beth Sturm
The Treat/Wilson Family
Delores Ufford
Unruh Family


Jennifer and Richard Brown
Marianna Evans
Lisa Garcia
Cara and Erik Graves
Kristina Retzlaff
Mike and Mary Voigt
Steve and Kitchel Woods


Nancy Anderson
Elaine Bernstorf
Donald Crigler
Jeffery and Theresa Curtis
Janice Dealy
Renee Encerti
J. Michael Kennalley
Richard and DaVonna Kraybill
Joy Leistritz
Kathy Manweiler
Mark and Amanda Meyers
Phillip and Crystal Moore
Madelynn Nevins
John and Kristy Sobonya
Shawna and Brandon Steadman
Peg Vines
Scott and Tammy Wagner